Commercial and Residential Interior Furniture Design

From clean lines to neutral color palettes, interior design styling is a cinch with Studio Steinbomer’s seasoned team of creatives.

Find the Perfect Interior Design Furnishings for Your Space

Let’s be honest, finding the right furniture and decorating accessories can be extremely time-consuming. You may know how you want your home or commercial space to look, but selecting the right furniture to achieve that presentation can be a considerable challenge, especially if you are working with a small budget. Luckily, Studio Steinbomer Architecture & Interiors is here to help. We understand that furnishing and styling a space can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to help you turn your residence into a unique place no one else on your street owns.

Our interior furniture design services give you a suite of options to define your environment. We collaborate with you to find the perfect custom artwork, furnishings, and more for your desired space—be it for your office or property tenants. With our professional guidance, you can create a special and one-of-a-kind place that’s just right for everyone.

Engage in a Bona Fide Collaborative Design Process

Studio Steinbomer believes collaboration is the framework for success. We work with you, stakeholders, contractors, and more to learn from each other and unite as a team. We devise our design process to be communal, productive, and meaningful.

Have a Taste of Our Interior Design Styling Options

Studio Steinbomer specializes in creating beautiful, custom interiors tailored to your unique tastes and needs. You can expect personalized service, high-quality materials, interior design expertise, and a wide selection of finishes and decorative accessories. We can deliver a variety of aesthetic styles, including:

This modern interior design style combines rustic elements like wood and stone with modern accents like geometric shapes and monochromatic color palettes. Perfect for those looking to bring a chic, contemporary feel to their home without sacrificing any of its cozy charm.

This style is all about embracing the typically cold industrial aesthetic warmly and invitingly. Think exposed brick walls, metal accents, and vintage furniture pieces. This look is perfect for those who want to bring an edgy, urban vibe to a room.

This style captures the spirit of mid-century design with its sleek lines, minimalism, bold patterns, and color scheme. This look is perfect for those who want to inject a bit of sophistication and vintage charm into their home.

This style is about creating a minimalistic and cozy atmosphere. Visualize lots of wood, warm colors, and natural materials. This chic yet contemporary look is ideal for anyone who wants to bring a timeless yet modern look to their home.

Collaborate With Austin’s Interior Decorating Aficionados

At Studio Steinbomer, we pride ourselves on being able to turn a residence or commercial space into a bespoke setting. Our interior designers and decorators apply a vast foundation of collective knowledge to create beautiful spaces you won’t find anywhere else. We can help you select colors, artwork, furniture, fabrics, and textiles that will bring your space together in perfect harmony.

When you work with Steinbomer for furniture and accessories, you receive:

  • Professional consultation and advice on furniture selection
  • Custom furnishings to give your space a unique, personal touch
  • Access to a wide range of furniture styles and designs
  • Help to select the right pieces for your space
  • Expert assistance with interior design styling
  • Personalized attention from experienced interior designers

Beautiful Design With an Innovative Touch

Studio Steinbomer Architecture & Interiors is committed to innovative, context-driven design. We serve residents and professionals with inventive solutions that are the culmination of our vast collective knowledge, collaborative mindset, and creative authenticity. Our attentive approach ensures spaces that are transformative and attuned to your vision.

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